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Facebook Data Leak: How Brand Protection Reduces Risks

An unsecured database consisting of 533 million Facebook users' data was made publicly available last week and raises the necessity of increased brand protection to prevent brand abuse. In January, the database was initially discovered when a threat actor was selling...

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Golden Chickens: A Compilation of our In-House Research

Since uncovering the Malware-as-a-service provider “Golden Chickens” back in 2018, we are carefully tracking the evolution of the Golden Chickens (GC) Malware-as-a-Service provider (MaaS) and how different threat actors use it.  Latest Golden Chickens Activity Lately,...

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Supply Chain Attacks, Cybersecurity & Regulations: What to Expect in 2021

Supply chain attacks are on the rise in 2021. The recent SolarWind breach and COVID-19 are only exacerbating supply chain threats. More and more nations are working towards stringent frameworks to strengthen supply chain security. Read our article to find out which attack vectors, threat actors and new regulations to watch in 2021!

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