Prepare Today Against Tomorrow's Cyber Threats

Why TIBER-EU with us?

Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red Teaming tests (TIBER) assess the maturity of your organization’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats that target you. Therefore, you reduce damage and impact of potential real-world cyber attacks.

QuoIntelligence has a proven TIBER track record and is the trusted Threat Intelligence Partner at your side!


What are your benefits from a TIBER-EU exercise?

  • Prepare and assess your cybersecurity effectiveness for real-world cyberattacks
  • Test your employees’ security awareness
  • Assess critical threat actors targeting your organization
  • Secure your most valuable business assets now
  • Respond to regulatory inquiries promptly
  • Execute fast with our standardized procedure and certified TIBER-EU experts

Talk to a TIBER-Expert & start planning your exercise today!

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