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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

Operation Endgame Targets Major Droppers and Disrupts Global Malware Ecosystem

Europol, in a coordinated international operation named Operation Endgame, successfully disrupted the infrastructure associated with multiple malware droppers including IcedID, SystemBC, PikaBot, SmokeLoader, Bumblebee, and TrickBot.

Geopolitical Highlights

Houthis Threaten Maritime Security In The Mediterranean Sea: Possible Impact On Mediterranean Ports‘ Activity, Limited EU Supply Chains Disruptions

Industry impacted: Industrials

QuoIntelligence tackles the Houthis‘ threats to target the Mediterranean Sea. 


Industry impacted: Energy, Government, Industrials, Information Technology


  • 3 June – Paris Cyber Summit
  • 4 June – Infosecurity Europe
  • 6 June – 11th Brand Protection Excellence Forum

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