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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

OpenAI Unveils Covert Influence Operations From Russia, China, Iran, and Israel Using Its AI Tools

Industry impacted: Communication Services, Government

We are facing an increasingly polarized threat landscape, translating into a growing number of information operations. This week we offer a brief analysis of the main features of the latest campaigns reported and the use of AI to boost the productivity of threat actors when planning and executing information operations (IOs) campaigns worldwide.

Geopolitical Highlights

Assessing the Risks of Outsourcing Cloud Services

While outsourcing cloud services is becoming more common among modern companies, this option presents additional challenges due to the lack of control over the infrastructure. QuoIntelligence highlights the main risks.


Industry impacted: Energy, Consumer Discretionary, Industrials, Information Technology


  • 7 June – ENISA AI Cybersecurity Conference
  • 10 June – Privacy Symposium

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