TIBER-EU Exercises


TIBER-EU is a framework developed by the European Central Bank to test and improve the cyber resilience of financial institutions. Carry out controlled cyber-attacks based on real threat scenarios and strengthen your cybersecurity strategy and resilience.

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We are TIBER experts with a proven track record. QuoIntelligence is the first player on the market to have successfully completed a TIBER-EU exercise in Germany.

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Test Your Critical Systems with Realistically Simulated Cyberattacks

The European Central Bank (ECB) developed the TIBER-EU framework to test Financial Institutes’ critical live production services based on real-life attack scenarios pertaining specifically to the tested organization.

TIBER-EU is an “intelligence-led red team test of entities’ critical live production systems.” At the start of the exercise, a dedicated threat intelligence team creates a customized threat landscape for the specific organization. Based on this threat landscape, a red team conducts penetration tests that utilize the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of real-life threat actors as defined by the threat intelligence team.

Because the test is developed based on real-life and current threats, it simulates attacks on all critical functions and underlying systems within the agreed scope including people, processes, and technologies.

TIBER tests help the testing organizations to understand their protection, detection, and response capabilities to cyberattacks in real-life scenarios.

TIBER-EU Process by QuoIntelligence

How Can You Benefit from TIBER?

No EU jurisdiction has yet made TIBER-EU a mandatory exercise. However, conducting TIBER-EU tests benefits Financial Institutions for various reasons:

With a TIBER-EU exercise, you will 

  • Understand your specific threat surface.
  • Test real-life attack scenarios specific to your organization.
  • Identify the attack vectors with the biggest risk.
  • Discover potential security gaps.
  • Gain insights you wouldn’t gain otherwise.
  • Ultimately, implement mitigation strategies to close breaches.

Consider conducting a TIBER-EU exercise if you want to

Gain More Customers

A demonstrated effort of going above and beyond in ensuring customer data protection is perceived as very attractive and will ultimately lead to more customers.

Avoid Costly Regulatory Fines

Due to their systemic relevance and access to highly sensitive data, Financial Institutes (FIs) are highly regulated. Strict security practices try to keep the organization and its customers safe. For good reason: In the past, regulators imposed costly fines in response to incidents caused by inadequate cybersecurity measures. Discover potential breaches and avoid fines easily by conducting a TIBER-EU-Test!


Strengthen EU-Wide Cyber Resilience

As a distinguished European cyber threat intelligence provider, [QuoIntelligence has been procured to act as the Threat Intelligence provider (TI) in previous TIBER tests]. Together with a [strategic European Partner] we have a proven track record as the first European player on the market who has ever conducted a TIBER-DE test successfully.

Work with Trusted Threat Intelligence Professionals

As a distinguished European cyber threat intelligence provider, QuoIntelligence has been procured to act as the Threat Intelligence provider (TI) in previous TIBER tests.  Additionally, we have a proven track record and are the first European player on the market who has ever conducted a TIBER-DE test successfully.

Additionally, we paired with a strategic Red Team partner to provide you with the best TIBER-EU service there is.