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Cyber Highlights

Current threats

North Korea Related Groups Deploy Multiple Infection Methods For Financial Gain

Industry impacted: Financials

Since the second half of 2022, TA444 (activity overlapping with APT38, Bluenoroff, Stardust Cholima) has used multiple infection techniques in financially motivated operations as reported by Proofpoint. North Korea is the only country that uses its state-operated cyber operations for meaningful financial contributions to the government budget. While the groups involved in such activities show various levels of capabilities, their operations are often successful with hundreds of millions of dollars defrauded from affected companies. According to the latest report by Proofpoint, TA444 rapidly deploys new infection methods and payloads in apparent attempts to increase success rate.


  • Threat Actors Now Using Microsoft OneNote Attachments To Spread Malware
  • New Emotet Campaign Delivers IcedID And Moves Laterally
  • New Infrastructure for Vidar Infostealer May Lead to an Increase of Campaigns
  • New Python-Based RAT With High Evasion Techniques Dubbed PY#RATION
  • Hive Ransomware Onion Sites Allegedly Disrupted by Security Joint Forces

Geo Highlights

Countries Sending Tanks to Ukraine to be Potentially Targeted with DDoS Hacktivist Attacks

Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Industrials

Germany and the US announced they are providing frontline weapons to Ukraine, showing a clear willingness from to keep supporting Ukraine, even with more advanced weapons. Notably, hacktivist attacks against German targets followed this announcement. QuoIntelligence analyzes the implications, as new countries are joining Germany and the US in their provision of heavy weapons to Ukraine.


Industries impacted: Energy, Information Technology

  • Operational Launch Of the International Counter Ransomware Task Force
  • EU Is One Step Closer to Adopt Chip Legislation While Japan and the Netherlands Are Set To Join US Chip Ban Against China
  • The European Commission Presents Proposal to Reform EU’s Electricity Market Design


Community Area


  • 26 January – Los Angeles Cybersecurity Conference
  • 31 January – IoT solutions World Congress
  • 1 February – Zero Trust World 2023

2023 Forecast (blog)

‘Innovation’, ‘Professionalization’, ‘Polarization’…Three Words For The Cyber & Political Threat Landscape In 2023
The cyber threat landscape evolves as quickly as technology, often faster than security teams can develop, mature and establish secure cyber systems. Read our 2023 outlook based on trends we observed through 2022 and how we expect them to evolve.

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