Digital Risk Protection

Because your brand can be destroyed in an instant

It takes time, money and painstaking effort to build a successful and valuable brand — and no time to destroy it.

Our Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service secures your organization against digital risks and gives you visibility, control and peace of mind


Work with us if you need: 

Support for Digital Transformation (DX) projects
If your organization is undergoing any DX, you need DRP

Increased Capability
Extend you team’s visibility and effectiveness

Immediate tactical solution
We can help your company make its first move into threat intelligence


The indispensable DRP services you need

The combination of these modules keep you informed of current cyber and geopolitical events and protecting your brand from digital attacks.


Add Threat Intelligence to your DRP solution

Digital Risk Protection+ adds four modules to those from the DRP solution. You benefit from more expansive DRP services, including some threat intelligence capability from the Vulnerability Intelligence module. A great choice if you are starting to incorporate information gathering and processing into your operational security function.

Brand Abuse

Constant monitoring of your brand’s digital footprint to identify accounts, domains and IP addresses abusing your brand names and trademarks.

  • New Domain and Digital Certificate Creation
  • Brand Name Found in Risky Locations
  • Take Down Services

Data Leak Monitoring

Continuous data collection from the surface web, deep web, dark web for leaked information such as credentials, sensitive documents, and emails.

  • Data Dump Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Data Leak Site (DLS) Webpage

Information Awareness

Acquire the necessary tools and materials to keep informed of the latest cyber and geopolitical developments.

  • Limited Access to Mercury
  • Weekly Intelligence Snapshot
  • Ad Hoc Cross-Sector Alerts
  • Ad Hoc Threat Landscape Developments

Vulnerability Intelligence

Receive new vulnerability alerts and information about zero-day exploitation impacting your technology.

  • Access to Catalogs:
    Technologies, Vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring of up to 10 Technologies

Social Media Monitoring

Track online brand mentions, illegitimate accounts spoofing your brands, and other fraudulent activities abusing your brand.

  • Social Media Analysis
  • Take Downs

Marketplace Monitoring

Know who is attempting to sell online counterfeit versions of your products and using your brand name. We monitor the most common online marketplaces — including underground ones — and identify where there is fraudulent selling of your stolen and counterfeited products.

  • Monitoring Overall Brand Mentions
  • Monitoring Up to 10 Specific Products
  • Alerts on Relevant Findings

External Attack Surface Monitoring (BETA)

Receive alerts whenever an unknown network asset or service is exposed through your external network. This module is currently in BETA, with scheduled release for the first half of 2023.

  • Receive Early Warnings on New Unknown Asset/Service found
  • Access to External Network Asset Inventory

What is Digital Risk and why is DRP necessary?

Virtually every business continuously undergoes digital transformation (DX). A critical DX requirement is clean and secure data. If this is not met, you open up your organization to avoidable data risk — the Digital Risk. Safe and secure management of Digital Risk is vital.

Examples of digital risk include your organisation’s data being:

  • Accidently sent to unauthorized individuals/organizations
  • Damaged or destroyed
  • Stolen (by many actors for many of reasons)

The negative consequences include:

  • Legal and damage control costs
  • Regulatory fines
  • Damaged brand reputation
  • Weakened competitive advantage
  • Intellectual property loss
  • Lost customers
  • Business closure

Doing nothing is not an option.

Your brand and brand assets are constantly exposed. And it is increasingly difficult for cybersecurity, information security and brand managers to stay on top of the latest threats, data leaks, brand abuse, and far more.


Digital Risk Protection gives you a holistic view of your threat exposure.

Our Digital Risk Protection Solution Prevents Brand Damage & Financial Loss Through Undetected Breaches Or Leaks

Our DRP solution covers:

  • Brand Abuse
  • Data Leak Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Market Place Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Information Awareness
  • External Attack Surface Monitoring (BETA)

DRP is a proactive security approach aimed at extending your team’s cybersecurity visibility and driving increased revenue by reducing the risk of financial loss.

We collect and aggregate relevant information from various open and closed sources. Consequently, we identify risks early by exploiting the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

We then facilitate prompt alerting, content and domain takedowns, trademark infringement, and further analysis when warranted.


We do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on growing your brand’s revenue without worry!