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Cyber Highlights

APT41: Stealthy MoonBounce UEFI Malware Used In Espionage Campaign

Industries impacted: Industrials

On 20 January, researchers at Kaspersky’s SecureList detailed a new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) rootkit dubbed MoonBounce, attributed to China-linked cyber espionage group APT41 (also known as Winnti) with medium to high confidence. Reportedly, the objective of this campaign is to steal sensitive intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII) and maintain prolonged persistence on the targeted system.


Industry impacted: Communication Services, Financials, Government, Information Technology

  • Molerats APT Targets Users in the Middle East
  • WhisperGate: Destructive Malware Targeting Ukraine
  • TrickBot’s New Banking Trojan Campaign Uses Evolved Malware to Evade Detection
  • APT27: Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting German Companies

Geo Highlights

Ukraine Update: Continued Diplomatic and Deterrence Efforts

Tensions regarding a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine are still high as both countries prepare for a potential conflict. Nevertheless, diplomatic efforts and deterrence actions are ongoing to help deescalate the conflict, and on 26 January, both countries committed to an unconditional compliance with a ceasefire.


Industry impacted: Government, Information Technology

  • France to Hold Presidency of EU Council, Briefs European Parliament on its Priorities
  • US Launches COMPETES Act of 2022 to Strengthen Semiconductor Manufacturing and Innovation
  • EU Proposes New Draft on Digital Rights and Principles