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Cyber Highlights

Threat Actor

Industrial Spy: Threat Actor Updates On Their Techniques, Tactics, And Procedures

Industrial Spy switched their business model in less than two months from their appearance as an extortion group, which did not originally involve encryption of infected systems. This week we have analyzed the encryption software in order to provide a deeper knowledge of their techniques and capabilities, along with prevention measures.


Industry impacted: Government

  • Conti: Ransomware Operators Target Critical Firmware
  • UNC2165: Reportedly Shifts to LOCKBIT to Evade Sanctions
  • LuoYu: Chinese Threat Actor Latest’s Activities
  • Zero Day for Atlassian Confluence Actively Exploited, PoC available
  • Multiple Vulnerabilities in Popular Linux Boot Loader U-Boot
  • Phishing Campaign Targeting US and European Governments Using Recent Zero Day
  • Killnet-Legion: Trajectory Of The Group

Geo Highlights

Russia’s New IT Measures to Accelerate Isolation but Also Dependency on China

Industry impacted: Information Technology

The war in Ukraine is accelerating Russia’s push for technological sovereignty following Western sanctions and companies leaving Russia. This is resulting in a more isolated Russian economy, but at the same time, it is increasing its reliance on a few Asian allies, making it difficult to achieve its objective of technological independency.


Industries impacted: Financials, Government, Information Technology

  • South Korea and the US Fired Missiles in Response to North Korea Missile Tests
  • German And Baltic Leaders Agree to Strengthen Defense Capabilities In Strategic Decision for NATO
  • EU Reaches Deal on New Rules for Minimum Wages
  • Chinese Semiconductor Hub To Double Chip Output By 2025 Under New Tech Plan
  • Crypto Retirement Provider IRA Financial Sues Gemini Over Cyberattack