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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

Exposing HelloXD Ransomware Operation

A ransomware family dubbed HelloXD first surfaced in November 2021 and is now performing double extortion with some interesting differences with other ransomware gangs.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Government

  • Symbiote: A New, Nearly-Impossible-to-Detect Linux Threat
  • Gallium: Threat Group Expands Targeting Using New Malware
  • Cloudflare Mitigates 26 Million Request Per Second DDoS Attack
  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday for June Includes Patch for Actively Exploited Follina
  • BlackCat Ransomware Group Creating Individual Leak Sites On Public Internet
  • Threat Actors Actively Exploiting Atlassian Confluence’s Vulnerability
  • Siemens and Schneider Electric Patch Over 80 Vulnerabilities
  • Citrix Application Delivery Management: Two Vulnerabilities Patched
  • Critical Vulnerability In Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager

Geo Highlights

Cybersecurity Legislation Update: US, EU Increasing Cybersecurity Controls

Industry impacted:  Information Technology

Following the increasingly active threat landscape, nations are enhancing their cyber defenses, and developing new regulation to better address cybersecurity challenges. This is resulting in more strict policies and in a more regulated environment for organizations that have to comply with new regulation or, in some cases, face fines.


Industries impacted: Government

  • The UK Plans to Override The EU-UK Trade Agreement Known as The Northern Ireland Protocol
  • Scotland Sets Out Fresh Plans For Independence From UK
  • Macron Says a New European Community is Open to Ukraine and UK
  • Global Nuclear Arsenal Increases For The First Time Since Cold War, While China Develops New Nuclear Weapons
  • China and Russia Building New Trade Routes Between Blagoveshchensk And Heihe In Economic Partnership
  • Biden Weighs Reducing Some China Tariffs to Ease Inflation

Community Area


Unexpected changes to the Global Threat Landscape from the Ukraine War

How the war in Ukraine has affected the global IT sector and created unintended consequences across the global threat landscape. Our latest blog takes a deep dive into the analysis.



  • 23-24 June – European Council Meeting