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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

Russian Threat Actors Continuously Attacking Ukraine And Allies

CERT-UA reported a new campaign they attributed to APT28. The campaign starts with a spearphishing email containing a document using nuclear warfare as a lure to exploit the recent Follina vulnerability.


Industries impacted: Energy, Government, Information Technology

  • German Green Party Confirms Cyberattack to its Email Systems
  • New campaign Using the BRATA Banking Trojan Shows APT-Like Pattern
  • APT ToddyCat Attacks Targets Government and Military in Both Asia and Europe
  • ICEFALL: 56 OT Vulnerabilities Caused by Insecure-by-Design Practices
  • Gartner Unveils The Top Eight Cybersecurity Predictions For Cybersecurity Strategies in 2022-23
  • New NTLM Relay Attack Lets Attackers Take Control Over Windows Domain

Geo Highlights

Russia Threatens Retaliation Against Lithuania Over Rail Blockade, KillNet’s Hacktivists Respond Targeting Lithuania

Industry impacted: Government, Industrials

The diplomatic conflict between Russia and Lithuania over the rail blockade in Kaliningrad creates a new source of confrontation in the Baltic region, increasing already high tensions in the region following Finland and Sweden’s NATO bids. Following Lithuania’s rail blockade, Russia could retaliate in form of economic measures, especially those affecting the energy supply to Lithuania or the rest of the EU. The pro-Russian hacktivist group Killnet also claimed it would retaliate, announcing new targets in Lithuania and Latvia, including Lithuania’s central bank.


Industry impacted: Government

  • The EU and India Relaunched Talks for Free Trade Agreement
  • Russia and Africa Hold Business Talks At Saint Petersburg Forum For Future Trade Agreements
  • EU Recommends Candidate Status to Ukraine and Moldova, Calls to End Unanimity in Foreign Policy Decisions
  • President Biden Signed Two Cybersecurity Bills Into Law Improving Cyber Threat Coordination



Industries impacted: Communication Services, Government

  • 23 June – BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) Summit
  • 26 June – 48th G7 summit
  • 28 June – NATO Summit in Madrid
  • 29 June – ENISA Telecom Security Forum