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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

Attacks On Industrial Control Systems Likely Tied To Chinese State-Sponsored Threat Actors

Kaspersky ICS CERT researchers uncovered an active ShadowPad backdoor infection on both operational and information technology environments in Pakistan, likely conducted by Chinese state-sponsored threat actors.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Utilities

  • BRONZE STARLIGHT Ransomware Operations Use HUI Loader
  • Black Basta Ransomware Claimed 50 Victims and Increases Prominence
  • Cyberattack Forces Iran Steel Company To Halt Production
  • Harmony Blockchain Loses Nearly EUR 100m Due to Compromised Private Keys
  • Italy Data Protection Authority Warns Websites Against Use of Google Analytics
  • LockBit Launches The Version 3.0 of Its
  • Ransomware Project RansomHouse Gang Claims Data Breach On AMD

Geo Highlights

NATO Calls Russia Greatest Threat, Seeks to Expand as Polarization in Geopolitical Landscape Increases

The 2022 NATO summit, days after the G7 and EU council meetings, follows a new phase for international organizations at a time of heightened global tension amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. This is resulting in renewed importance for NATO as a collective defense organization, and in international organizations looking for expanded cooperation and new allies as the geopolitical landscape is increasingly polarized.


Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Government, Information Technology, Materials

  • The BRICS Association is Looking to Expand, While Iran and Argentina Apply for Membership
  • US Federal Trade Commission Issues Order Against CafePress For Covering up Data Breach
  • India Extends Deadline For Compliance With New Infosec Policy
  • Nicola Sturgeon Announces Second Scottish Independence Vote
  • Europol’s Amended Regulation to Expand its Use of Personal Data
  • Pro-China Dragondbridge Influence Campaign Targets Rare Earths Mining Companies
  • Germany to Potentially Ration Energy this Winter as IEA Warns to Prepare for Russian Gas Total Cessation