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Cyber Highlights


North Korea State Sponsored Groups Uses Job Offers As Initial Access Vector

QuoIntelligence is tracking activity related to the use of fake job offers and job applications to compromise companies for monetary gain. This tactic has recently been used to compromise a cryptocurrency company Axie Infinity resulting in the theft of over EUR 572 million (USD 620 million).


Industry impacted: Information Technology

  • Group-IB Splits Management to Address Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
  • OilRig: Emulating the Iranian Threat Actor
  • Luna Moth: The Actors Behind the Recent False Subscription Scams
  • Retbleed: Spectre Zero Day for AMD and Intel Legacy Processors
  • AiTM Phishing Site Campaign Shows How Attackers Workaround MFA
  • Microsoft Patches Actively Exploited Zero Day; VMWare, SAP and Adobe also Release Patch Updates
  • ChromeLoader: New Malware Campaign Spreading as Browser Extension

Geo Highlights

Europe Preparing for Total Shutdown of Russian Gas Exports Could Result in Potential Energy Rationing, Industrial Production Halting

Industry Impacted: Energy

Europe is preparing for a potential total cut-off of Russian gas this winter. This could result in some countries in the EU potentially rationing energy, industrial shutdowns, and economic dislocation as energy bills increase. As high energy prices historically triggers public discontent, civil unrest and strikes could take place more often.


Industries impacted: Financials, Government, Information Technology

  • Russian Disinformation Campaign Aiming to Divide the EU Over the War in Ukraine
  • G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting: Russia’s Top Diplomat Walks Out as West Denounces War in Ukraine
  • Joe Biden Begins Middle East Trip Aiming to Gain Influence in the Region and Bolster Defense Ties
  • Members of the European Parliament Prompted the Commission to Take Action Against Hungary
  • Germany Presents New 2025 Cybersecurity Agenda
  • UK’s Primer Minister Boris Johnson Announces Resignation, Leaves Uncertainty over Domestic, Foreign Policy Issues
  • Sablecoins to Comply with the Same Rules as Other Cryptocurrencies


  • 18 July – 17th Annual EnergySec Security & Compliance Summit