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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

Ermac 2.0 Campaign Masquerades as a Chrome Application

Industries impacted: Financials, Information Technology

QuoIntelligence is tracking activity of mobile banking trojan Ermac. Surveillance of malware submission services indicates increased proliferation of new version of the malware, being delivered as a fake Google Chrome application. Ermac 2.0 was first described by ESET researchers in May 2022. The aim of the malware is stealing user credentials from banking and cryptocurrency application for the fraud purposes. Specific targeting of the campaign has not been established at this point, however majority of samples uploaded to the malware analysis services have been uploaded from Germany.


Industries impacted: Energy, Government

  • Italian State-Owned Energy Corporation GSI Offline After Cyberattack, Energy firm ENI Reports Compromise
  • BlueSky: A New Emerging Ransomware Threat New
  • Crypto Miner Campaign Leveraging Malware Disguised as Legitimate Applications
  • New Chinese-Sponsored Cyber Espionage Campaign in Europe and Asia New
  • ModernLoader Rat Campaign Detected

Geo Highlights

The Geopolitics of Quantum Computing: Preparing Critical Infrastructure

China’s Baidu recently revealed its first quantum computer called Qianshi and will make it available to external users. Recent advances like this one highlight the sector significance and potential for technological innovation and its geopolitical implications, with countries rushing to develop their own quantum systems. As quantum-computing also comes with cyber security risks, CISA is urging companies to prepare for a post-quantum-cryptography world, and it is recommending organizations to implement its post-quantum cryptography roadmap.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Government, Industrials, Information Technology

  • Energy Crisis Update: The EU Plans Emergency Response While Russia Burns Off Gas
  • US to Appoint Ambassador-at-Large for Arctic Region Amid Geopolitical and Economic Concerns
  • NATO Investigates Threat Actors Selling Data Online From Top Missile Firm
  • Report Reveals Italian Firm Using Pegasus-style Spyware
  • As Security Concerns Grow, Governments Set New Regulations and Requirements for Service Providers
  • The US Tightens Export Controls For Cutting-Edge Technologies Amid Increased Competition With China


Community Area


  • 5 September – 7th Eastern Economic Forum
  • 6 September – 41st SAFECOMP