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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

Raspberry Robin Potentially Operating as Initial Access Broker

Researchers from Microsoft recently reported about the Raspberry Robin worm being part of a wider malware ecosystem linked to other families. While the threat was already described as a cluster of activity in the original report of Raspberry Robin’s discovery, additional relations were discovered involving the threat actor known as TA505/FIN11, and malware families such as Bumblebee, IceID and Truebot.


Industries impacted: Financials, Materials

  • Over 130,000 Banking Trojans Found On Google Play Store
  • Cranefly Using Web Server Logs to Activate Malware Dropper
  • APT10: Evolved LODEINFO Backdoor
  • German Copper Producer Aurubis Announces Cyber Attack
  • Critical Code Injection Vulnerability in Azure CLI
  • OpenSSL Announces a Patch for an Undisclosed Critical Vulnerability

Geo Highlights

Increased Legal and Reputational Risks For Organizations Over the War in Ukraine

Industry impacted: Information Technology

Due to Western sanctions, Russia has to find alternative ways to covertly supply its military-industrial complex with a wide range of Western technologies as the war in Ukraine drags on. Therefore, Western companies are increasingly exposed to the legal risks of sanctions evasion as well as the reputational risks of being accused of participating in Russia’s war effort. QuoIntelligence analyzes the different tactics Russian intelligence services have been using to acquire Western dual use technologies since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the risks this poses for Western organizations.


Industries impacted: Energy, Government, Industrials, Information Technology

  • The US Encourages its Allies to Impose Export Restrictions on China to Increase National and Regional Security
  • UK’s Cybersecurity Annual Review Says Main Threat to UK Still E-Crime, Reveals Support to Ukraine
  • Germany Finalized Details of Gas Price Cap
  • Increased Oversight Over Chinese Investment Infrastructure in EU Countries
  • Twitter’s Policy Changes: Cybersecurity and Political Implications


Community Area


  • 4 November – US Consulate General Frankfurt Cyber Security Conference
    Our new VP Threat Advisory Jörg Schauff is a contributor to the US Consulate’s Cyber Security Conference 2022 — Combatting Ransomware & The Cybercrime Supply Chain — in Frankfurt . Moderated by Grant Waterfall (PwC), his panel session focuses on Active Cyber Security Defense
  • 6 November – UN Climate Change Conference COP27
  • 8 November – Cyber Security Strategy Summit

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