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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

Pro-Russia Hactivist Group Uses Somnia Ransomware For Destructive Attacks

Pro-Russia hacktivist group From Russia With Love has deployed Somnia ransomware against enterprises in Ukraine in a campaign that started in spring 2022. While advertised as ransomware, the malware is in fact a wiper, not offering a way to recover the data.



Industries impacted:Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Government, Health Care, Information Technology, Materials, Utilities

  • Twitter Blue To Relaunch After Wide Spread Brand Abuse
  • Actors Linked to Conti Leveraging BatLoader With SEO Poisoning
  • Fangxiao: Chinese Threat Actor Sets Up Massive Phishing Infrastructure
  • Lazarus Group’s DTrack Backdoor Activity Expands To EU and Latin America With New Evasion Techniques
  • Recent Updates in Typhon Loader Version Identified
  • Scammers Pretend to be Financial Regulators in Germany

Geo Highlights

International Summits in Asia Point To More Involvement Of the US in The Region And To Continued Tensions In the Long Term

QuoIntelligence outlines the key takeaways of the different international meetings held Asia in November and analyzes the general impact for companies operating in the region.


Industries impacted: Government, Information Technology

  • The EU Sets out a Plan for Cyber Defence Policy Amid Geopolitical Tensions
  • Poland: Missile Blast Possibly Due to Ukraine Missile Launch Accident
  • EU Council Agrees On Regulation On Economic Anti-coercion By Third-countries
  • Data Authorities Warn About Privacy Risks Posed by Qatar’s World Cup Apps

Community Area


  • 23 November – Belgian Cyber Security Convention 2022
  • 23 November – Big Data Conference Europe 2022

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  • 2 November – New Mercury Milestone Reached!
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Industry Report

  • 3 November – ENISA Threat Landscape 2022
    The European Union Agency for Cyber Security, ENISA, released its annual Threat Landscape Report detailing the top threats and trends in the cybersecurity threat landscape for the year to July 2022. Notably, QuoIntelligence research is cited as evidence supporting ENISA’s trend analysis into ransomware and the Russia-Ukraine threat landscape.

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