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Cyber Highlights

Current threats

Incident: Massive Ransomware Attack Targets VMware ESXi Servers Worldwide

QuoIntelligence followed the massive ransomware attacks targeting VMware ESXi servers worldwide by exploiting the two-year-old vulnerability CVE-2021-21974. While such servers should not be publicly exposed and should be patched by now, we observed how the attackers continue to exploit old vulnerabilities resulting in successful attacks.

Current Threat: Hagga: Fsociety Framework Delivered To Attack Spanish-Speaking Countries

QuoIntelligence observed – and is first to publish on – a phishing campaign delivering multi-stage phishing lures with the aim to infect victims with malware based on the Fsociety framework. The emails and documents related to the activity are written in Spanish, which indicates a geographic focus of the activity. The campaign is notable due to the use of multiple initial infection vectors and custom tooling.


Industries impacted: Energy, Government, Health Care

  • MalVirt Loader Utilizing KoiVM as Obfuscation Technique
  • Water Dybbuk: Conducts BEC Campaign Targeting Large Companies Worldwide
  • New Linux Version of Cl0p Ransomware’s Allows Free Decryption Due to a Flaw
  • Lazarus: Research and Energy Sectors Targeted by Exploiting Zimbra Mail Servers

Geo Highlights

Energy Crisis Update: Countries to Push for Net-Zero Targets in 2023

Industry impacted: Energy

The energy crisis keeps pushing nations to boost efforts to reach climate targets. Nevertheless, challenges still persist, such as high energy prices which reflect the uncertainty regarding gas supply in Europe over the coming year. At the same time, pressure on nations and organizations will likely grow, as the regulatory landscape becomes more complex. As such, companies will have to adapt their due diligence processes to stricter CO2 emissions’ controls.


Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials

  • Chinese Spy Balloon Triggers Diplomatic Crisis Between The US and China
  • Fraud Allegations Trigger Fears of Contagion To Indian Financial System as Western Investment Rises
  • EU Releases First Report on Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference
  • Supply Chain Disruptions Following Turkey’s Earthquake


Community Area


  • 15 February – OWASP Global AppSec
  • 17 February – HACKRON 2023

2023 Forecast (blog)

‘Innovation’, ‘Professionalization’, ‘Polarization’…Three Words For The Cyber & Political Threat Landscape In 2023
The cyber threat landscape evolves as quickly as technology, often faster than security teams can develop, mature and establish secure cyber systems. Read our 2023 outlook based on trends we observed through 2022 and how we expect them to evolve.

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