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Cyber Highlights

Current threats

Mimic Ransomware Family Abuses Legitimate API To Speed Up Encryption

A new ransomware family dubbed “Mimic” targets Russian and English speaking users since July 2022. The ransomware is using the API of the legitimate Windows search engine “Everything” to quickly encrypt the filesystem. The malware shows at least moderate development capabilities of the authors who managed to combine multiple functionalities related to defense evasion and effective and efficient infection of the host.


Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Government, Health Care, Industrials 

  • BlueBravo: New Threat Group Overlapping With APT29
  • New Packer Used for Deploying a Variety of Malware Undetected for Years
  • New Campaign Targeting Financial and Marketing Organizations in UK By Abusing OAuth Apps
  • Chinese PlugX Malware Used in BlackBasta Incident Implementing New Features

Geo Highlights

AI Fuels Geopolitical Competition, Complicates Regulatory Landscape, and Brings Opportunities and Risks in Cyber Space

Industry impacted: Information Technology

QuoIntelligence analyzes the challenges from artificial intelligence in the framework of global geopolitical competition, regulations, and the cyber threat landscape.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Government, Health Care, Information Technology

  • US Increase Drills, Presence in the Indo-Pacific to Counter Regional Threats
  • US Launches Strategic Partnership on Critical and Emerging Technology
  • Protests Against Turkey in Sweden and Denmark Trigger Hacktivist Campaigns
  • US Says Russia Violated the Nuclear Arms Treaty by Blocking Inspections


Community Area


  • 3 February – EU-Ukraine Summit

2023 Forecast (blog)

‘Innovation’, ‘Professionalization’, ‘Polarization’…Three Words For The Cyber & Political Threat Landscape In 2023
The cyber threat landscape evolves as quickly as technology, often faster than security teams can develop, mature and establish secure cyber systems. Read our 2023 outlook based on trends we observed through 2022 and how we expect them to evolve.

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