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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

APT29 Targets Europe in New Campaign Abusing Notion

Industry impacted: Government 

Several researchers from Palo Alto, BlackBerry, and Gianluca Tiepolo recently reported on an APT29/Nobelium/Cloaked Ursa campaign targeting Europe through lures instrumenting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Czechia as well as the European Commission. The campaign delivers the GraphicalNeutrino loader and implements C2 over Notion to download Cobalt Strike beacons to infected devices.

Current threat

Microsoft February Patch Tuesday Addresses 83 Flaws, Including 2 Actively Exploited Zero-Days

Microsoft released its monthly Patch Tuesday security update, which includes fixes for 83 flaws, two of which are actively exploited zero-days, and nine more are of critical severity. Impacted products include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SharePoint. Other vendors who have also released important security updates this Patch Tuesday include Fortinet and Adobe.


Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Health Care

  • A New Variant of the Xenomorph Banking Trojan Targets Over 400 Financial Institutions Globally
  • Novel Golang-Based Malware GoBruteforcer Targeting Web Servers
  • New Threat Actor YoroTrooper Targeting Government and Energy In Multiple Regions
  • DEV-1101: Circumventing MFA With Specialised Phishing Kit Service
  • Magniber Ransomware Implemented a Variant of Microsoft SmartScreen bypass

Geo Highlights

US Financial Sector Turmoil to Likely Increase Scrutiny on the Banking Sector

Industry impacted: Financials

QuoIntelligence analyzes the volatile situation in the banking sector after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in the US and Credit Suisse’s current struggles.


Industries impacted: Government, Industrials, Information Technology

  • Biden Administration’s Budget Focuses on Outcompeting China and Confronting Threats to Global Security
  • EU Presents its Space and Maritime Strategy and Seeks to Protect Domains Against New Threats
  • China is Increasing its Control Over Cable Projects in the South China Sea
  • Update on the UK’s Foreign Policy Framework Reflects China and Russia Continue to be Key Points
  • Russian Fighter Jet Forces Down US Drone Over Black Sea


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  • 14 March – secIT Hannover
  • 14 March – APIsecure 2023
  • 4-5 April – ItaliaSec (Rome)
    QuoIntelligence is a sponsor for the 2023 edition of ItaliaSec where CEO Marco Riccardi will host a roundtable discussion: Italy under attack: how and why to use Threat Intelligence to distinguish real threats from media hype

Latest Reports

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  • 16 March – Technology Brief: Information Stealer Malware — A constant threat in the landscape
    Information stealer malware is one of the most common malware families in the current threat landscape. Designed to steal sensitive information from computers and mobile devices and impacting mainly remote workers, these types of attacks can be devastating for businesses, and result in identity theft, financial loss, and reputational damage.
  • 6 March – Technology Brief: SystemBC — A Widespread, Lesser-Known, Multipurpose Malware
    Likely to remain a threat across all sectors, the malware family SystemBC hasn’t received  much public reporting or research, leaving organizations vulnerable to attack from this dangerous threat vector. 

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