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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

Remcos Campaign Targets ICS Providers In DACH Region

Industries impacted: Industrials

QuoIntelligence is tracking a phishing campaign targeting SCADA companies in the DACH region. The campaign emerged this week and aims to deliver the Remcos remote administration utility through a spear phishing attachment.


Industries impacted: Financials

  • BlueNoroff: Evasive RustBucket Malware Targets MacOS
  • Infostealer EvilExtractor Discovered Targeting Europe Though Phishing with Malicious Attachment
  • A New Vulnerability in Service Location Protocol (SLP) Could Allow Attackers to Launch More Powerful DoS Attacks
  • New Campaign Exploits Kubernetes RBAC to Create Backdoors
  • Iranian APT Charming Kitten Targets Multiple Countries Worldwide With its Novel BellaCiao Malware
  • New Bumblebee Distribution Campaign Discovered Masquerading as Popular Software

Geo Highlights

Germany: KRITIS to Prove Extended Cyber Security Measures by 1 May, BSI Releases New Cyber Standard for SMEs

Industries impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Financials, Government, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Utilities

We analyze the key points of the German IT Security Act 2.0 that will be compulsory from 1 May 2023, as critical infrastructure operators will be required to have in place cyberattack detection systems. In addition, we examine the newly released cybersecurity standard for German small enterprises DIN SPEC 27076 and the CyberRisikoCheck.

Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Information Technology, Materials


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Government

  • China Widens Anti-espionage Law, Now Covering Cyberattacks By State-sponsored Actors
  • The EU Announces Initiatives To Address High Energy Prices And Energy Transition
  • The UK Launches New Cybersecurity Scheme To Protect the Government’s IT Systems
  • The EU Designates 19 Tech Giants To Comply With The New Digital Services Act


Community Area


  • 4 May – Third Party & Supply Chain Cyber Security Summit 

Latest Reports

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  • 21 April – Intel Brief: CBDC’s Impact on the Geopolitical Landscape & Cybersecurity Risks
    An overview of the impact of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that represent a new challenge, particularly for the EU and Western countries.
  • 19 April – Intel Brief: Threats Related to Cloud Infrastructure Providers
    Overview of the most prevalent threats related to the use of cloud services identified with recommendations to address the attack surface.
  • 12 April – Threat Intel Assessment: Italian Threat Landscape Q1 – Between Real Threats and Hype
    Analysis of the threats Italy faced in Q1 of 2023 and what lies ahead.
  • 5 April – Operational Profile: LockBit
    LockBit is a ransomware group whose operations are based on providing malware builders to affiliates responsible for gaining access to victim networks.

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