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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

Durt Team: Insights into Development of a Backdoor by Russian Threat Actor

QuoIntelligence observed a new backdoor called “Durtmovoy” that is currently in development by “Durt Team”, a newly observed Russian threat actor. While the functionalities of the backdoor are currently still limited, including only taking and exfiltrating screenshots from the infected machine and playing sounds, QuoIntelligence gained a unique insight into the development process of this backdoor due to OPSEC failures by the threat actors, insights which are rarely observed in the eCrime world.


Industries impacted: Financials, Health Care, Information Technology

  • Atomic Stealer Targets MacOS
  • German IT Giant Bitmarck Shuts Down All Customer And Internal Systems After Cyberattack
  • The Novel Rapture Ransomware Leaves Few Traces and is Difficult to Detect
  • APT37 Evolves Techniques Now Deploying RokRAT Malware Via LNK File Infection Chains
  • New Malware Spread Through Google Ads Targeting Windows Devices

Geo Highlights

More Stringent Requirements For The EU Banking Sector Amid Concerns About Its Resilience

Industry impacted: Financials

After another bank failure in the US this week, QuoIntelligence analyzes the impact for the financial sector in Europe, focusing on risk management regulation and supervision.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Government

  • ENISA Assesses AI Cybersecurity Standards and Provides Recommendations for Upcoming AI Policies
  • New EU Rules on Intellectual Property Rights: Harmonized Patent Rules
  • EU Adopts Act to Support Ammunition Production and Strengthen Defense Industry
  • The EU Designates 19 Tech Giants To Comply With The New Digital Services Act


Community Area


  • 8 May – Cloud Expo Europe
  • 9 May – 42nd ASEAN Summit
  • 8 May – Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo 2023

Latest Reports

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  • 21 April – Intel Brief: CBDC’s Impact on the Geopolitical Landscape & Cybersecurity Risks
    An overview of the impact of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that represent a new challenge, particularly for the EU and Western countries.
  • 19 April – Intel Brief: Threats Related to Cloud Infrastructure Providers
    Overview of the most prevalent threats related to the use of cloud services identified with recommendations to address the attack surface.
  • 12 April – Threat Intel Assessment: Italian Threat Landscape Q1 – Between Real Threats and Hype
    Analysis of the threats Italy faced in Q1 of 2023 and what lies ahead.
  • 5 April – Operational Profile: LockBit
    LockBit is a ransomware group whose operations are based on providing malware builders to affiliates responsible for gaining access to victim networks.

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