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Cyber Highlights


CERT UA Reports On APT28 Targeting Ukraine’s Energy Sector

Industry impacted: Energy

QuoIntelligence analyzes a CERT UA report describing APT28 activities targeting critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine. Adversaries used spear phishing to deliver ZIP archives that contained malware in the form of JPG files and CMD scripts. The scripts attempted to fetch further payload through Tor, however execution was stopped by an employee of the attacked entity.


Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology

  • New Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) Prysmax Introduces Undetectable Infostealer
  • Threat Actors Exploit MSSQL Vulnerabilities in DB#JAMMER Campaign Delivering FreeWorld Ransomware
  • Cybercrime To Cost Germany 206 Billion Euros in 2023, Survey Finds
  • VMConnect Supply Chain Attack and Its Connection to North Korea’s Lazarus Group
  • Novel Chaes Malware Variant Targets Financial and Logistics Industries
  • W3LL Phishing Kit Linked to Breaches in Microsoft 365 Business Email Accounts Across Global Industries

Geo Highlights

Italy Addresses Its Relationships With China to De-Risk Ties

Industry impacted: Industrials

This week we analyze how Italy is addressing its relationships with China, aligning it with the current Western narrative of de-risking ties with China.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Information Technology

  • Huawei Files Lawsuit In Portugal Over Ban On Supplying 5G Equipment
  • X Privacy Policy Update Raises Concerns Over AI Data Usage and Legal Implications

Products & Services

  • 5 September – Mercury Bulletin
    Ransomware Analytics Dashboard now available — Quickly know a lot more about the ransomware groups in your threat landscape!

    Now PREMIUM users can filter by interests or preferences and deep dive into ransomware groups’ activity and their reported victims — from the most active groups to the most affected locations and industries. This means you can find out more — and faster — about the groups active in your threat landscape.

  • 4 September – Service News
    “Data Leakage” category transition to “Information Disclosure”

    Based on recent customer feedback, the “Data Leakage” category in DRP categorizations is now retired. Incidents previously classified as “Data Leakage” will now be categorized under “Information Disclosure”. 


  • 30 August – Press Release
    QuoIntelligence installs Christof Jaritz as CRO
    In this newly created role, the seasoned marketing and growth leader, will work closely with the innovation and technology teams to ensure that services and products meet customers’ needs. 

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