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Cyber Highlights


Chinese APT Blacktech Targets Network Edge Devices To Access Corporate Networks Of US And Japanese Multinationals

Industries impacted: Communication Services, Industrials, Information Technology

On 27 September, US and Japanese national agencies released a joint cybersecurity advisory revealing that BlackTech, a Chinese APT group, had been breaching the Cisco router firmware of several multinational companies in the government, industrial, technology, media, electronics, and telecommunications sectors. Cisco released a bulletin explaining that the most prevalent initial access vector, also emphasizing that no Cisco vulnerabilities were exploited.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Financials, Information Technology

  • New Threat Actor Sandman Targets Telecom Providers Globally With Novel LuaDream Malware
  • New Xenomorph Malware Campaign Hits Over 30 US Banks And Spreads To Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium
  • New Ransomware Group ShadowSyndicate Launches Global Campaign Against Corporations Worldwide
  • New ZenRAT Malware Disguises as Legitimate Software to Steal User Data

Geo Highlights

Regulators Are Increasing Scrutiny Over Greenwashing

Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Financials

After the US SEC fined Deutsche Bank-controlled investment firm DWS this week, QuoIntelligence analyzes increased regulatory scrutiny over greenwashing.


Industry impacted: Information Technology

  • European Chips Act Enters into Force to Strengthen Security of Supply and Competitiveness
  • EU Urges Greater Market Access and Fair Competition in Talks with China
  • China’s State Security Chief Warns of Growing Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities

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