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Cyber Highlights


Spoofing E-Mails Worldwide Via SMTP Smuggling

Newly discovered SMTP Smuggling attack enables attackers to append custom commands at the end-of-data sequence, leading to improper command interpretation. As a result, attackers can send malicious phishing emails emails from arbitrary domains, effectively bypassing SPF and DKIM checks.


Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials

  • GambleForce Threat Actor Behind SQL Injection Attacks in the APAC Region Mainly Targeting the Gambling Industry
  • Rising Threats Behind Holiday Gift Card Frauds and Phishing
  • QakBot Malware Reappears with New Tactics, Targeting the Hospitality Industry
  • Novel Malware Distribution Techniques Using GitHub Gists and Git Commit Messages
  • Malicious Campaigns Using Web Injection to Target More than 40 Banks World Wide
  • Terrapin Attack: Downgrading Authentication Algorithms to Abuse SSH’s Implementation
  • FBI Takes Down ALPHV Ransomware Group’s Website


Geopolitical Highlights

Israel-Linked Group Predatory Sparrow Shuts Down Iranian Petrol Stations in Cyberattack Amid Increasingly Tense Iran-Israel Relations

Industry impacted: Energy

QuoIntelligence analyzes the implications of the sophisticated cyberattack against Iranian petrol stations by a suspected Israeli-linked threat actor.


Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government

  • US Regulator Probes Large Banks’ Climate Risk Planning
  • US Launches International Force to Protect Shipping in the Red Sea
  • EU Member States Agree Common Position on Cyber Solidarity Act
  • The European Council Agrees to Extend Emergency Measures for Energy Prices

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