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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Patches 49 Flaws, Two Critical; Various Vendors Patch Severe Flaws

QuoIntelligence analyzes Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday security notification and additional vulnerabilities currently exploited in the wild by unknown threat actors. The most critical vulnerabilities analyzed do not require authentications and allow the attackers to execute arbitrary code on the vulnerable application.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Financials, Government, Health Care, Information Technology

  • Wiper Malware Analysis of Iran-Linked Attacks on Albanian Institutions
  • Financially Motivated Turkish Threat Actors Target MSSQL Servers to Deliver MIMIC Ransomware in the US, EU, and LATAM regions
  • Sea Turtle Cyber Espionage Campaign Targets Dutch IT and Telecom Companies
  • SEC’s X Account Compromised and Used to Spread False Bitcoin Announcement
  • Water Curupira Deploys Pikabot Malware in Latest Phishing Campaign
  • Swatting Becomes the Latest Extortion Scheme in Ransomware Attacks


Geopolitical Highlights

Cyber Insurance Update: NotPetya Attack Victim Receives Settlement, Overruling War Exclusion Clause

Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Information Technology

Companies are more and more exposed to cyberattacks which can have damaging impact or even threaten their business’ solvency. As cyber threats proliferate in both complexity and frequency, the importance of cyber insurance coverage has never been greater. QuoIntelligence analyzes the challenges policyholders are facing, including new exclusions and increasing premiums.


Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Industrials

  • US Banking Regulators to Impose Stricter Risk Management Requirements
  • Russian Trade Strategies Navigate
  • EU Sanctions, Fueling Oil Drilling Boom and Economic Recovery EU Implements New Cybersecurity Regulation to Boost its Internal Cybersecurity Level
  • The EU To Examine Microsoft’s OpenAI Investment Amid Growing Global Scrutiny over Generative AI Market’s Competition
  • World Bank Warns of Energy Price Surge if Conflicts in Middle East Escalate

Finished Intelligence

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