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Cyber Highlights

Threat Actor

Global Law Enforcement Operation Successfully Disrupts LockBit Ransomware

QuoIntelligence analyzes the international operation “Operation Cronos” that resulted in the disruption of the LockBit ransomware network, with the seizure of servers across multiple countries, arrests in Poland and Ukraine, freezing of cryptocurrency accounts, and extensive data capture for ongoing investigations.

Geopolitical Highlights

AI Technologies to Fuel Disinformation and Manipulation Risks on 2024     

QuoIntelligence analyzes the risks that AI-generated tools and content poses on elections, as major technology providers commit to prevent deceptive AI content from interfering with elections worldwide.


Industry impacted: Industrials


  • 25 February- Zero Trust World 24
  • 26 February- Mobile World Congress 2024
  • 26 February- Open Cyber Security Conference
  • 26 February- Gartner CIO Leadership Forum
  • 27 February- ManuSec- Cyber Security For Critical Manufacturing Summit

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