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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

Backdoor in Commonly Used XZ Utils Library and Insights: CVE-2024-3094

Industry impacted: Information Technology

An individual exploited their position as an open-source mantainer to insert a sophisticated, undetectable backdoor into liblzma, impacting major Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora, specifically those with systemd. This backdoor enables unauthenticated, targeted remote code execution and tracked as CVE-2024-3094. However, the threat’s impact is minimal due to quick detection and mitigation, with affected distributions, including Fedora, promptly addressing the vulnerability.

Geopolitical Highlights

Taiwan Earthquake Raises Concerns Over Vulnerabilities In Semiconductor Global Supply Chains

Industry impacted: Information Technology

QuoIntelligence analyzes the impact of recent 7.4 quake in Taiwan on global semiconductor supply chain.


Industry impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Financials, Industrials, Materials


  • 8 April – ITASEC 2024
  • 9 April – DACHsec 2024

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