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Cyber Highlights

Cyber incident

Deepfake Audio Posing as the CEO Targeting LastPass: Extracting Attack Patterns

Industry impacted: Information Technology

The LastPass incident underscores a sophisticated deepfake-based social engineering attack via unconventional channels such as WhatsApp, featuring audio impersonations of the CEO. This exemplifies the growing threat to corporate environments from advanced deepfake technology and multimodal communication, highlighting the critical need for enhanced security protocols and awareness.

QuoIntelligence analyzes Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday security notification and additional vulnerabilities currently exploited in the wild by unknown threat actors.

Geopolitical Highlights

2024 Elections Security: Insights Into Chinese and Russian Influence Operations

Industry impacted: Government

QuoIntelligence analyzes the EU’s increased scrutiny in Chinese foreign subsidies.


Industry impacted: Communication Services, Information Technology


  • 22 April – Darktrace LIVE: Milan 2024
  • 25 April – SEKOP2024

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