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Supply Chain Attacks, Cybersecurity & Regulations: What to Expect in 2021

Supply chain attacks are on the rise in 2021. The recent SolarWind breach and COVID-19 are only exacerbating supply chain threats. More and more nations are working towards stringent frameworks to strengthen supply chain security. Read our article to find out which attack vectors, threat actors and new regulations to watch in 2021!

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Cyber Security Trends in 2021: Espionage Activities Increasingly Threatening

In the following blog post, we will provide an overview of the major cyber security trends observed over 2020 and provide an outlook into potential developments in the coming year. Namely, we will address the ongoing COVID-19 threat, ransomware and phishing trends and especially focus on the increasing threat QuoIntelligence sees in industrial, political and military espionage for 2021.

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