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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

ERMAC 3.0 Announces Its Arrival

Industry impacted: Financials

QuoIntelligence recently came across a Twitter post by malwareHunterTeam describing an Android executable called “Photo.apk”. Upon further analysis, QuoIntelligence identified the sample as part of the ERMAC family and determined that it might imply the imminent arrival of ERMAC 3.0. QuoIntelligence has been tracking the development of ERMAC 3.0 and has also published a detailed blog post on the functionalities of ERMAC 2.0.


Industries impacted: Government

  • Trojanized Windows 10 ISO Files Targeting Ukrainian Government
  • DarkTortilla Malware Spreading Via Phishing Sites, Switching Delivery and Infection Techniques
  • Shift In TTPs for Russia’s Gamaredon Group
  • New Method for Bypassing ProxyNotShell Mitigations Carried Out by Play Ransomware Operators

Geo Highlights

China Push for Data Protection Resulting in Increased Regulatory Risks

Industry impacted: Information Technology

China has increased its push for data security, releasing new regulations that will potentially increase compliance costs for businesses operating in or with China. QuoIntelligence examines the lates data protection guidelines that the Chinese government released, including rules that will restrict industrial data export to other countries.


Industries impacted: Energy, Financials

  • Insurers Deny Or Limit Coverage To Crypto FTX-linked Clients
  • The European Central Bank Sanctions Bank for Failing To Report Cyber Incident Within Deadline
  • EU Sets Gas Price Cap And Further Proceeds to End Its Dependence on Russian Fossil Fuels

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