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Cyber Highlights

Current threat

Recent High Profile DDoS Attacks Highlight Reliance on Layer 7 Attacks

Industries impacted: Financials, Information Technology

Recently, hacktivist groups linked to pro-Russia activity nexus have conducted two high-profile attacks. Anonymous Sudan claimed to target Microsoft Azure infrastructure, and Anonymous Sudan together with Killnet claimed to target European Investment Bank (EIB). In addition hacktivist groups claimed recently to work together with REvil ransomware group on massive attacks against global financial system, however those threats never materialized.


Industries impacted: Financials, Government, Health Care, Information Technology

  • Threat Actors Exploited Abandoned S3 Buckets as a New Supply Chain Attack Technique
  • Mystic Stealer Malware Receiving Patches From Builder After User Feedback
  • Cybercriminals Spoofing Italian Government Entities Target Italian Organizations for Financial Gain
  • APT15: Chinese State-Sponsored Group Targets Foreign Ministries Using a New Backdoor Dubbed Graphican

Geo Highlights

EU Releases Its European Economic Security Strategy

Industries impacted: Energy, Information Technology

QuoIntelligence analyzes the new European Commission’s policy proposal which aims to enhance the EU’s economic security in the framework of increased geopolitical polarization.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Financials, Government

  • Commission announces next steps on cybersecurity of 5G networks in complement to latest progress report by Member States
  • Japan Probes Domestic Banks Over Preparedness for Escalating Sino-Western Tension
  • US and China Agree to Stabilize Relations Despite Not Showing a Clear Path Forward
  • Heightened Foreign Espionage Threats Against Germany amid Global Tensions: Intelligence Agency Report

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  • 27 JuneCorporate Risk Minds
  • 28 June – Security IT Summit

Latest Reports

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  • 21 May – Intel Briefing: Vice Society Operational Profile
    We look into the second most successful ransomware group of Q1 this year, known for its targeting of the education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, energy, transportation, and retail sectors, as well as NGOs.
  • 26 May – Intel Assessment: AI: Risks and Challenges in Cyberspace and the Geopolitical Landscape 
    An in-depth evaluation of the reality of the threats the use of generative AI tools by threat actors pose. It also seeks to identify privacy and regulatory risks for businesses using such tools.

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