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Shifting to Electric Vehicles: Impacts on Supply Chains, Semiconductors, and the Geopolitical Landscape

Countries around the world are creating frameworks to curb CO2 emissions, such as through banning petrol cars. These frameworks, as well as growing societal interest in climate change, will result in surging demand for Electric Vehicles in the coming years. We analysed how this rise in demand will impact cybersecurity, supply chains and the geopolitical landscape.

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Factsheet ISO: Changes to ISO 27002 Include Addition of Threat Intelligence

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently presented updates to the ISO 27002 standard, which consolidates chapters and controls, as well as adding several new controls. The update to the ISO framework includes Threat Intelligence (TI) further highlights the growing importance of TI in an organization’s security management.

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E.K.P. & Agent Tesla: The Daily Operations of a Nigerian eCrime Gang

In late 2020, QuoIntelligence identified a malicious Word document. It contained technical indicators associated with an Agent Tesla malware campaign, a readily available Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that steals keystrokes and credentials. It ultimately led us to uncover the operation of a Nigerian eCrime gang.

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The New EU Due Diligence Law: How To Keep Your Supply Chain Secure Now

Supply chains are in international spotlight. The new EU Due Diligence Law will hold companies, their suppliers and other contractors liable to keep their supply chains secure, ethical and environmental friendly. Germany adopted the law and will start executing 2023. How can you secure your supply chain best now?

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