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Current Threat

On 27 January, international law enforcement and judicial authorities announced the disruption and law enforcement takeover of the Emotet botnet and its complete infrastructure in an operation dubbed “LadyBird”. Although limited technical information has been released at this time, the Emotet botnet’s operations have currently ceased, and the situation is still developing.

Industry impacted: Industrials, Information Technology

  • SonicWall Investigates Probable Zero-Day Vulnerability on SMA 100 Series
  • Intel Retracts Statement That Threat Actors Illegally Accessed Financial Information
  • Palfinger AG Experiencing Ongoing Cyberattack
  • North Korean Cyber Campaign Targets Cybersecurity Researchers
  • Recent Nefilim Ransomware Attack Utilized “Ghost” Account to Compromise Victim
  • Global Ransom Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Campaign Continues
  • Apple Releases Emergency Patch for Three Zero-Days With Possible Exploitation Activity
  • Local Privilege Escalation Impacts the Sudo Utility (CVE-2021-3156)


Industry impacted: Government

On 23 January, tens of thousands of people across Russia protested the arrest of the Russian opposition leader, Alexey Navalny, who Russian authorities detained for alleged parole violations. While Russia’s nationwide protests in support of opposition leader Navalny could somewhat weaken Putin’s tight grip on Russia’s government, it is unlikely that the wave of demonstrations will result in any considerable change in Russia’s politics, allowing Putin’s regime to continue with his foreign policy strategy.

Industry impacted: Financials, Government, Information Technology

  • Protests Take Place Across the Netherlands Against COVID-19 Curfews, Additional Countries Warn over Potential Unrest
  • Greece and Turkey Hold First Meeting in Five Years To Reduce Tensions
  • European Financial Institutes Launch Cloud User Coalition
  • US Homeland Security Warns of Heightened Domestic Terrorist Threat

Industry impacted: Information Technology

  • 2 February – ENISA Cybersecurity Standardization Conference 2021
  • 2 February – BSI’s 17th German IT Security Congress