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Current Threat
Industry impacted: Government, Industrials, Information Technology

Researchers discovered a new family of malware, dubbed Kobalos, which targeted unnamed high-value systems and high-performance computing infrastructure. Although Kobalos primarily targeted Linux systems, researchers identified it has multi-platform support for BSD, Solaris, and possibly AIX and Windows machines.

Industry impacted: Communication Services, Government, Industrials, Information Technology

  • Libgcrypt Developers Release Critical Update to Address Severe Vulnerability
  • NCC Group Notifies SonicWall of Active Zero-Day Exploitation Attempts
  • APT Group Lebanese Cedar Compromises Over 250 Servers in Cyber Espionage Campaign
  • Serco, Which Runs Part of The NHS Test and Trace System, Suffered a Ransomware Attack
  • Kryptos Logic Discovers Trickbot Module Dubbed “masrv”
  • Lazarus: Digital Certificate Used By Previous Campaign Appears in New ELECTRICFISH Version
  • SpamCop Suffers Outage Due to Expired Domain Name


Industry impacted: Financials

The pandemic continues to pose high risks to the global economy. The ECB warned that the full scale of distress in financial institutions might not yet be fully visible, as the economy continues to deteriorate. The ECB supervisory priorities for 2021 seek to address those challenges by focusing on credit risk management, capital strength, business model sustainability, and governance.

Industry impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Government, Information Technol

  • EU Progresses to Reach Data Flow Agreement With the US and the UK
  • China and Other Asian Nations Strengthen Domestic Semiconductor Sectors
  • Protests Take Place Across France Against New Security Bill, Surveillance Practices, and COVID-19 Restrictions
  • Myanmar’s Military Coup D’etat Could Lead to Sanctions and Potential Trade Disruptions
  • Germany to Boost Telecom and Semiconductor Industries to Avoid Critical Dependencies