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Industry impacted: Industrials, Information Technology

Bombardier and other companies confirmed this week that attackers had exploited Accellion FTA, a third-party file-transfer application, and subsequently exfiltrated sensitive internal data. Although the threat actor was initially unknown, FireEye, an incident response company, reported earlier this week that the Clop ransomware group was actively exploiting a vulnerability in Accellion FTA. QuoIntelligence subsequently identified multiple data leaks published on the Clop Ransomware Group’s public leak page.

Industry impacted: Financials, Industrials, Information Technology

  • Cuba Ransomware Group Targets Washington State-Based Payment Processor and Other North American Entities
  • Sequoia Capital Reportedly Suffered a Data Breach
  • Microsoft Released Details After Completing Internal SolarWinds Investigation
  • SonicWall Releases Additional Patches for SMA 100 Series 10.X And 9.X Firmware
  • VMware Releases Advisory, Patches for Critical vCenter Server and ESXi Vulnerabilities


Industry impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Government, Information Technology

The rising demand for semiconductors and their increasing importance for economic and technological development resulted in a global shortage of semiconductors in the last months. Concerned about the implications of such shortages, the EU and US are considering measures to increase domestic semiconductor production and to build more diversified supply chains.
Since the end of last year we observed growing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. These tensions, along with new developments, could adversely impact several verticals including the cyber threat landscape. Instability and escalating tensions in the


The Middle East do not solely impact regional security but can have global impacts, such as through cyberattacks, terrorist attacks, attacks on foreign governments and organizations residing in the region, as well as disruption of trade routes and access to essential resources.

Industry impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Information Technology

  • Facebook Lifts Australian News Ban After Australia Government Revised Legislation
  • Ukraine Security Agency and Other State Institutions Targeted in Two Separate Cyberattacks