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In this month’s Patch Tuesday security update, Microsoft includes patches for 108 vulnerabilities with the vendor rating 19 as critical and 88 as important in severity. Impacted technologies include Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Windows Kernel, and Visual Studio.
Rollups Industry impacted: Communication Services, Information Technology
  • Researchers Disclose “NAME WRECK” Vulnerabilities Affecting DNS
  • APT34: Iranian APT Develops New Backdoor Used in Recent Campaign
  • Chrome Chainable Zero-day Exploit Shared on GitHub Not Affecting Default Configuration
  • Data Leakages in the Previous Week Include User Data from LinkedIn, Clubhouse, and ParkMobile
  • IcedID Abuses Google Sites for Malware Propagation
  • Ragnarok Ransomware Targets German Organization
  • DoJ Authorized FBI-Led Operation to Remove Malicious Web Shells from Computers Throughout the US


Industry impacted: Energy
Israel was reportedly behind a cyberattack that caused an explosion and completely destroyed the electrical distribution grid of Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility on 11 April. Open confrontation between Israel and Iran is intensifying, and the cyberattack could further escalate tensions. As a result, instability in the region is likely to increase, potentially impacting the physical and cybersecurity of companies operating in and with countries in the Middle East. In addition, Israel’s allies, particularly the US could also be increasingly targeted.
Rollups Industry impacted: Information Technology
  • North Korea Calls for ‘Arduous March’ Campaign to Tackle Deteriorating Economy
  • Italy Blocks Chinese State-Owned Investment Company to Purchase Stake in Italian Semiconductor Firm
  • Russia Has Yet to Respond to Ukraine’s Request to Talk, Turkey Expresses Concern During Ukraine President’s Visit
  • US Intelligence Community Releases 2021 Annual Threat Assessment


Industry impacted: Information Technology, Government
  • 16 April – Eurogroup Meeting
  • 19 April – EU Foreign Affairs Council
  • 21 April – SANS New to Cyber Summit 2021