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Cyber Highlights

ChaosDB: Microsoft Fixes Critical Vulnerability in Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft notified customers on Thursday, 26 August, of a critical vulnerability existing in its Azure Cosmos DB, which could allow an attacker to gain full remote takeover of accounts without requiring authorization. While Microsoft was quick to mitigate the vulnerability and the vendor confirms customer data was not accessed by a malicious actor, this incident underscores the importance of having thorough security checks.

Industry impacted: Financials, Industrials

  • Threat Actors Stole Crypto Assets Worth More Than EUR 24 Million From Cream Finance
  • Widespread Phishing Campaign Leverages Open Redirector Links And Social Engineering Tactics To Steal User Credentials
  • Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) Sanctions Companies For Defaulting On Cybersecurity Policies And Procedures
  • Bangkok Airways Falls Victim To A Cyber Attack, Lockbit Ransomware Group Threatens To Expose Personal Information

Geo Highlights

Slow Vaccination Rollout Threatens Global Supply Chains and Business Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and infections are likely to increase again as the northern hemisphere enters winter and new virus variants emerge. The stalling global vaccination efforts continue to present challenges to business operations, including reduced output disrupting supply chains, restrictions on travel, and the emergence of new strains.

Industry impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Government, Information Technology

  • German Court Says EU Rules Apply to Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
  • Taiwan and Japan: Countries Hold Security Dialogue, Focusing on TSMC Investment and CPTPP
  • Israel’s new Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, Visits President Biden in Washington
  • Big Tech Companies are Largest Lobbying Spenders in EU