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Cyber Highlights

Ransomware Activity: Disruption Campaigns Continue to Impact REvil, LockerGoga, and BlackMatter

Over the last week, QuoIntelligence observed new law enforcement disruption campaigns affecting BlackMatter and REvil ransomware operators. In addition, a new ransomware family emerged, which utilizes the double extortion ransom technique. The following spotlight highlights the latest observations to impact the ransomware threat landscape.


  • Alleged Member of the Trickbot Cybercriminal Group Arrested and Extradited to United States
  • EU Investigating Leak of Private Key Used to Forge Covid Passes
  • Multiple Threat Actors Leverage Stolen Kaspersky Amazon SES Token To Launch Office 365 Phishing Campaigns
  • Pink: The Reportedly the Largest Botnet Observed yet Infected Millions of Devices

Geo Highlights

EU Endorses New NIS2 Directive and Radio Equipment Directive on Cybersecurity

Industry impacted: Information Technology

On 28 and 29 October, the EU adopted the new Radio Equipment Directive on Cybersecurity and endorsed the NIS2 Directive, respectively. Cybersecurity controls and frameworks are very likely to become more strict and be created globally. New cybersecurity frameworks worldwide could impact the cyber threat landscape since cyber criminals are likely to develop new Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to avoid security controls and find new ways to compromise organizations.

Industry impacted: Government, Information Technology

  • China’s Data Protection Law, PIPL, Takes Effect, Additional Data Privacy Rules Proposed
  • US Senate Approves Secure Equipment Act to Exclude Companies Designated as Security Threats
  • EU Delegation Pledges Support to Taiwan