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Cyber Highlights

TA406: New, Evolving Campaigns Observed

Industry impacted: Financials, Government, Industrials

Researchers at Proofpoint discovered a series of campaigns launched by TA406 intended for espionage, cyber crime, and sextortion. While TA406 does not usually employ malware, it was observed distributing malware for information gathering in two new campaigns.


Industry impacted: Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Government, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Real Estate, Utilities

  • RedCurl: New Corporate Espionage Campaigns Discovered
  • Conti Ransomware – Detailed Analysis on Operational Structure and Kill Chain
  • Increased Attacks On DeFi Platforms, Losses Reportedly Exceeded EUR 10 billion In 2021
  • Local Privilege Escalation Zero Day in Windows Discovered, Working Exploit Disclosed

Geo Highlights

Global Supply Chain Disruption Update: Projected Instability in the Medium Term

Industry impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Industrials, Information Technology

China’s new Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law are challenging efforts to ease supply chain disruptions worldwide. While supply chains show signs of easing, problems still persist, with high instability forecasted for the following two years.


Industry impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Government

  • Council of Europe Enhances Cybersecurity Cooperation and Disclosure
  • Germany’s Incoming Government Presents Coalition Deal
  • Russia to Expand Armed Forces in Reaction to NATO ‘activities’


Industry impacted: Information Technology
29 November – Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2021
29 November – 9th ENISA National Cybersecurity Strategies Workshop
2 December – ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference 2021
3 December – United Nations 2021 Cyber Stability Conference