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Cyber Highlights

Ransomware Activity: Critical Infrastructure Targeted in Separate Campaigns, the Continued Fall of REvil

Industry impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Industrials, Information Technology

QuoIntelligence continues to monitor for new ransomware activity. This week, we observed ransomware affiliate programs targeting critical infrastructure in likely opportunistic attacks, targeted ransomware campaigns, and a continuation of law enforcement disruption.


Industry impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Government, Information Technology

  • WIRTE APT Group Targets Government And Diplomatic Entities In The Middle East
  • CronRAT Malware Targets E-Commerce Linux Servers
  • Buffer Overflow And Memory Exposure Vulnerabilities Detected In Zoom
  • Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities In HP Multi-Function Printers (MFPs)

Geo Highlights

Renewed UK – EU Tensions Over Migration, Trade, Fishing, and Northern Ireland

Industry impacted: Financials, Government, Industrials

Diplomatic tensions between France and the UK have increased after a boat carrying migrants sank in the English Channel on 24 November. Since Brexit, UK-EU relations have worsened, especially regarding issues concerning trade, fishing, migration, and the Northern Ireland border.


Industry impacted: Communication Services, Government, Information Technology

  • Italy’s Antitrust Authority Fines Google and Apple EUR 10 million for Using User Data for Commercial Purposes
  • Israel Warns Iran is Enriching Weapons-Grade Uranium, as Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna
  • NATO Secretary General Calls on Russia to De-escalate Tensions on Ukraine Border, Ukraine’s President Alleges Russia is Plotting Coup
  • EU Launches ‘Global Gateway’ Strategy for Global Investments in Infrastructure