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Cyber Highlights

Log4j: Update on the Critical Vulnerabilities and Exploitation Activity

Over the last week, QuoIntelligence observed new reporting related to the Log4j vulnerabilities such as a new version release to fix the known security issues and continued exploitation activity from various threat actors, including the infamous Conti ransomware group.


Industry impacted: Government

  • Belgium Ministry of Defense Victim of Cyber Attack Through Log4j Vulnerability
  • FBI: Another Zoho ManageEngine Zero-Day Under Active Attack
  • NotLegit: Information Disclosure In Azure App Service Leads To Exposure Of Source Code Repositories


Geo Highlights

China Reportedly Threatens to Restrict Access to its Market to Multinationals Producing in Lithuania

China’s government is reportedly pressuring Continental, a German manufacturer of car parts, to not use components made in Lithuania, as a dispute between China and Lithuania over the status of Taiwan continues. In early December, China reportedly told multinational companies that if they use goods produced in Lithuania, they would be excluded from China’s market.


Industry impacted: Government, Industrials

  • Indo-Pacific: German Frigate “Bayern” Crosses South China Sea
  • President Putin Warns of Possible Military Response over ‘Aggressive’ Nato
  • Hong Kong: EU, G7 Express Concern Over ‘Erosion’ of Democracy Following Election