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Cyber Highlights

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Addresses 51 Security Flaws – One Zero Day, Zero rated as Critical; Adobe and SAP Release Patches For Their Products

Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP released security patches for their respective February Patch Tuesdays. Notably, Microsoft addressed 51 vulnerabilities including a zero day, with 19 Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) CVEs patched by Microsoft earlier this month. However, there were no vulnerabilities rated as Critical. SAP and Adobe released patches for new vulnerabilities in their products, some of which are rated as Critical.


Industries impacted: Financials, Government

  • Gamaredon: Microsoft Releases Details of Common Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
  • Microsoft Office to Begin Blocking Macros in Files Sent From Untrusted Sources as Default
  • PrivateLoader: Malware Authors Leveraging PPI Service For Widespread Malware Distribution
  • Researchers Detail Recent QBot Stealer Campaign That Rapidly Spreads Through Internal Networks
  • Molerats: Two Novel Malware Kits Discovered Targeting the Middle East

Geo Highlights

European Commission Unveils EU Chips Act

Industry impacted: Information Technology

The European Commission unveiled the European Chips Acts, which sets the goal to reach at least 20 percent of world semiconductors production by 2030, and aims to ensure the security of the EU’s supply, resilience, and technological leadership.


Industry impacted: Government

  • Updates on Ukraine: Threat of Cyberattacks to European Banks Unlikely, while Diplomatic Efforts and Troops Buildups Commence
  • Poland: EU Notifies Country Funds Will be Withheld to Cover Unpaid Fines