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 Cyber Highlights

Current threat

China-nexus Espionage Group Uses USB Drives To Attack Targets In Philippines, US And Europe

China-nexus group, designated by Mandiant as UNC4191, uses infected USB drives to conduct espionage operations against targets in Southeast Asia, US, and Europe. The group is particularly focused on Philippines and uses three newly discovered malware families to spread infection to removable drives and establish remote access to affected devices.


Industries impacted: Energy, Information Technology

  • RansomBoggs Ransomware Targets Ukraine
  • New Wave of LockBit Ransomware Mass-Distributed With Similar Filenames Disguised as Job Applications
  • Campaign Of Quantum Ransomware Delivered Using Emotet
  • Initial Access Brokers Sell Fortinet VPN Accesses On Forums
  • Second Large Collection of Stolen Twitter Accounts’ Info Available on Underground Forums
  • Xenotime And Kamacite Are Conducting Reconnaissance Against Dutch LNG Infrastructure

Geo Highlights

Climate Change Regulations And Climate Activism Increase Compliance And Reputational Risks For Companies

Industry impacted: Energy

As regulatory and civil society scrutiny increase over climate change commitments, the compliance and reputational risks for businesses are also growing. QuoIntelligence outlines challenges for companies related to the climate change regulatory landscape and environmentalist activism.


Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Information Technology, Utilities

  • The FTX Crash Prompts Global Securities Regulators to Begin Targeting Cryptocurrency Platforms
  • US Further Sanctions Chinese Tech Sector While EU Says it Will Not Follow US’ Tougher Stance on China
  • Unrest At Apple And Foxconn Factories In China Over Covid Lockdowns
  • UK Online Safety Bill Could Compromise Encryption And Expose Businesses To Cyberattacks
  • EU Approves Tougher Cybersecurity Rules: NIS2 and DORA

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  • 05 December – Black Hat EU 2022
  • 07 December – ENISA CTI-EU Conference

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