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Cyber Highlights


Impact of Compromised Microsoft MSA Keys For Azure Users And On the Industry’s Security Practices

Industry impacted: Information Technology 

QuoIntelligence analyzes the impact of compromised Microsoft MSA keys and the scrutiny Microsoft is facing following this incident.


Industries impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Financials, Government, Industrials, Information Technology

  • CISA Unveils Key Findings on Lapsus$ TTPs and Proposes Enhanced Security Measures for Companies
  • Multiple Vulnerabilities in Data Center Power Management Systems Could Allow Threat Actors to Gain Unauthorized Access
  • Monti Ransomware Comes Back With New Encryptor for Linux Targeting VMware ESXi Servers
  • Unknown User Put Data Of 760,000 Discord.io Users For Sale On The Darknet
  • Almost 2000 Citrix NetScalers Servers Backdoored In Large Scale Exploitation Campaign
  • Large-Scale Phishing Campaign Uses QR Codes to Target Microsoft Credentials of Users From Various Industries

Geo Highlights

US Tech Restrictions on China: EU Analyzes Impact While China Pushes to Increase Foreign Investment

Industry impacted: Information Technology

QuoIntelligence analyzes how China and Europe are responding to the US government executive that restricts US investments in certain sectors like semiconductors, quantum tech, and AI in countries of concern.


Industries impacted: Government 

  • 2023 National Intelligence Strategy Prioritizes Enhanced Collaboration Across Sectors
  • US Consumer Financial Protection Agency to Regulate Data Brokers Selling Personal Information


  • 8 August – WARNING! Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Releases Patches For 87 Flaws, Including Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

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  • 3 August – [Podcast (in German)]
    QuoIntelligence Raises Millions for Threat Intelligence Service
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