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Cyber Highlights


FBI Warns Of Multiple Ransomware Groups Impacting The Same Victims

Industries impacted: Communication Services, Industrials, Information Technology

The FBI recently issued a public alert on the rising threat of ransomware groups related to multiple intrusions against single targets. Over the past year, multiple ransomware groups have targeted and breached the same companies, leading to victims facing multiple extortion attempts in a short span. It’s suspected that these groups obtained stolen credentials from Initial Access Brokers or other sources. Competition among ransomware groups and financial incentives may be driving this trend, with aggressive groups targeting victims capable of paying ransoms.


Industries impacted: Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Real Estate

  • Researchers Find Cloudflare Users Exposed to Attacks Launched From Within Cloudflare
  • LUCR-3 Uses Malware-Less Approach to Targeting and Extorting Global Companies
  • Vulnerability Exploitation On Indeed Leading To Executives Phishing Attack

Geo Highlights

The EU Recommends To Conduct Risk Assessments On Four Critical Technology Areas

Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Information Technology

QuoIntelligence analyzes the Recommendation on critical technology areas for the EU’s economic security adopted by the European Commission this week.


Industry impacted: Information Technology

  • IBM Follows Microsoft, Adobe in Protecting AI Customers From Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Proposed Chinese Regulations Ease Data Export Requirements to Enhance Business Environment
  • German Government Extends Lignite Coal Power Plant Standby Due to Winter Gas Shortages

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