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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

GootBot, a new post-exploitation tool delivered via SEO poisoning

IBM X-Force researchers discovered a new malware variant from the threat group known as Gootloader. This new addition bolsters their evasion techniques and leverages SEO poisoning, effectively promoting their malicious sites to the top of search engine results to distribute malicious documents and files. To enhance the visibility of the attack, we applied the Cyber Kill Chain to grasp the main key takeaways.


Industries impacted: Financials, Information Technology

  • AsyncRAT Campaign Distributed Through a Malicious HTML File
  • Exploitation of Atlassian Confluence CVE-2023-22518
  • Jupyter Infostealer Variants Leveraging Modified PowerShell Commands and Fake Digital Signatures
  • Identified New MacOS Malware Strain Attributed to BlueNoroff
  • Threat Actor Farnetwork Linked to Five Different Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Programs
  • New Infostealer Predator AI Leverages ChatGPT to Target Cloud Platforms
  • LinkedIn Latest Dataset Leak on the Underground

Geo Highlights

Telecom and IT Companies Push to Decrease Cyber Security Controls Under EU’s Cyber Resilience Act

Industries impacted: Communication Services, Information Technology

EU policymakers are nearing a consensus on the Cyber Resilience Act, contemplating targeted obligations for open source software stewards and mandating a minimum five-year support period for manufacturers to provide security updates. Some EU-based Telecom and IT companies are advocating to decrease cyber security controls under this proposal as they say the Act could disrupt supply chains and harm competitiveness.


Industries impacted: Energy, Materials

  • Germany Releases AI Action Plan to Bolster Made in Germany AI
  • China Strengthens Regulation on Rare Earth Exports and Key Commodity Imports to Bolster Economic Security

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