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Cyber Highlights


Okta’s Breach Discovered to Have Wider Impact, Affecting Most Customers

The breach at Okta initially impacted less than 1 percent of customers, but later investigations revealed that it exposed the names and email addresses of nearly all customer support users, significantly expanding the incident’s scope.


Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Government, Information Technology

  • Chimera: Chinese Threat Actor Accessed Dutch Semiconductor Manufacturer NXP’s Systems for Two Years to Steal Intellectual Property
  • Lazarus Group Adopts New Approach by Merging RustBucket and KandyKorn macOS Malware Strains to Avoid Detection
  • Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Dismantle Ransomware Groups in Ukraine
  • Ongoing Exploitation on Apache ActiveMQ Leads to GoTitan Botnet
  • DJvu Variant Delivered by Loader Masquerading as Freeware
  • Zero-Day Vulnerability Impacting Google Chrome: CVE-2023-6345

Geopolitical Highlights

The EU Adopts Green Transition Measures Ahead of COP28

Industry impacted: Energy

As COP28 starts on 30 November, QuoIntelligence provides an overview of the two most relevant EU green measures for European businesses in the last quarter of 2023.


Industries impacted: Government

  • Germany and Baltic States Forge Alliance to Reform EU Digital Policy for Innovation
  • China Seeks to Bolster Global Supply Chain Partnerships Amid Concerns and Geopolitical Shifts
  • China, Japan, South Korea Seek to Restart Trilateral Summit Amid Security Concerns on US, North Korea

Finished Intelligence

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