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Cyber Highlights


Information Stealers Adopting New Cookie Regeneration Technique

A vulnerability in Google’s authentication process actively permits attackers to regenerate and reuse stolen and expired cookies. This exploitation enables cyber criminals to maintain access through these cookies indefinitely, unless the user manually intervenes by resetting them.


Industries impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Industrials

  • Financially Motivated Threat Actors are Misusing Microsoft App Installer for Malware Distribution
  • A Novel Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Search Order Hijacking Technique Exploits Windows’ Trusted WinSxS Folder
  • Researchers Find new Black Basta Decryptor Exploiting Ransomware Flaw to Recover Files
  • Rising Threat of Scam-as-a-Service Groups in Crypto Wallet-Draining Attacks
  • Kimsuky Hackers Deploying new Tools in Latest Attacks
  • EasyPark Confirms Data Breach Impacting User Information


Geopolitical Highlights

EU Outlook For 2024: Elections to Shape the EU Stance Internally and on the International Stage

QuoIntelligence provides an overview of the projects and challenges the EU will face in 2024, as well as the most relevant legislation that will enter into force this year.


Industries impacted: Energy, Financials, Government, Industrials

  • ECB to Stress Test Banks’ Ability to Recover from Cyberattack
  • Iranian Warship Enters Red Sea as Tensions Rise in the Middle East
  • German Authorities Investigate Possible Sabotage of LNG Pipeline

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