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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

AnyDesk Cyberattack Forced the Company to Revoke Security-Related Certificates and Reset Customer Portal Passwords

During a security audit, AnyDesk discovered a breach in its production systems. Although AnyDesk has not provided details on the potential data theft or the initial attack vector, reports indicate that threat actors managed to steal source code and code signing certificates. Further analysis of previous software versions showed significant alterations in the code signing certificates. In response, AnyDesk revoked the compromised certificates, repaired or replaced affected systems, and assured the platform’s security. The company also confirmed that the incident did not impact end-user devices.

Geopolitical Highlights

Governments Take Measures Against Commercial Spyware While New Report Reveals They Are Behind Half of Zero-Day in Google and Android Products

QuoIntelligence analyzes the latest initiative against commercial spyware as researchers reveals they account for half of the zero-day exploits for Google and Android products.


Industry impacted: Energy


  • 13 February – Silicon Valley Cyber Security Summit
  • 15 February – FutureCon Detroit Cybersecurity Conference
  • 16 February – Munich Security Conference

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