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Cyber Highlights

Current Threat

Large-Scale StrelaStealer Campaign in Early 2024 Targets EU and US: A Persistent Threat

StrelaStealer, emerging in 2022, targets email login data, continuously evolving to evade detection. Recent campaigns affected over 100 organizations in the EU and US, employing localized phishing emails and regularly updated, obfuscated payloads to circumvent security measures.

Geopolitical Highlights

Energy, Sanctions, and Hacktivism-Related Risks Continue To Affect EU Companies As The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Is Likely Far From End

The increasing escalation risk in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, coupled with Moscow’s will to maintain its war efforts in Ukraine for a longer standoff, greatly diminishes the chances of peace in the short term and prolongs war-related risks for EU companies.


Industry impacted: Government


  • 3 April – FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit New York

  • 4 April – SecureWorld Toronto

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